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The eye is very complex part of the body and as a result a wide variety of problems can occur. We have attempted to describe in some detail the more common eye conditions that are reported by patients to their family doctors. The information has been written with no medical jargon and continuous feedback from my patients allows this to improve and expand year on year.

The page is under construction, the sheets with the eye symbol are available.

To view fact sheets on Eye Surgery Procedures I carry out  please click on the links below.

Artificial Eye  Blepharoplasty(removal of eyelid bags)
 Botox & Fillers Brow Lift Surgery
Cataracts Dacryocystorhinostomy 
Ectropion Correction (eyelid tightening)  Electrolysis for Trichiasis
Entropion Correction (eyelid tightening)  Enucleation / Evisceration(Eye removal)
Eyelid Biopsy Facial Nerve Palsy
Moh's Surgery Acquired Ptosis / Ptosis Correction (Droopy eyelids)
Surgery for Thyroid Eye Disease  Restylane


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 Starving Instructions:

 ·    Please follow the starving instructions given in your letter.

·    If you have not been advised to omit your medication you should take your normal dose with a small amount of water.

·    Please have a bath or shower prior to admission.

·    Please wear clean loose fitting clothing.

·    Do not wear make–up, jewellery or nail varnish.

·    Do not bring valuables with you as the hospital cannot be responsible for their safety.

 Special Instructions

 Things to bring with you

·    Dressing gown

·    Cotton pants

·    Slippers

·    Medication

·    Glasses   

You or your relatives should discuss with the nurse who is looking after you when you can be collected.